A 100%-er what does it take?

Burleigh Heads at Sunrise ... to ponder the awesomeness of the universe
Burleigh Heads at Sunrise … to ponder the awesomeness of the universe

A 100%-er what does it take and why should I bother?

Walking along downtown James Street, Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast I was lucky to witness some “salt of the earth” men hard at work cleaning up whatever needed a good scrub and painting in the streetscape.  I had seen during the week the evidence of their efforts gradually pushing back the grime off seats underneath trees which had collected the scars of nature’s handiwork – bird droppings mixed with leaves and whatever else had blasted through and left a mess behind.  It wasn’t an option to sit on a seat unless you wanted your clothes covered with the stuff of life lurking and keen to jump onto your clothes.  I had been carefully looking for the cleanest seats so my clothes didn’t get dirty so I had a very keen interest in the results of the daily unseen cleaner-upers.

When I saw this person early morning in an awkward position on his hands and knees scrubbing the life out of the very bottom part of a metal street pole, I was impressed with the intensity of his efforts and total absorption in getting ALL the marks off.  As I trotted past on my way to work I called out “Good Job”.  It took a few seconds for the words to register then he looked up and saw my smiling face.  I said again:  Good Job and gave him the thumbs up.  A gradual smile lit his face as he realised he had been respected, valued and recognised for his effort.  A 100% plus effort.

I turned the corner closing in on where I was working this week and here was another man hard at it scrubbing all of the unmentionables off one of the forest green seats lining the footpath – prepping it for a fresh coat of paint so some lucky person (me?) had a wonderfully clean bench seat to eat their lunch or sit and ponder the awesomeness of the universe – if they wished – at lunchtime.  I called out “Good Job”.  This guy looked around like:  Did I just hear that or did I imagine it?  I big-smiled him and said:  Good Job and gave him the thumbs up.  He big-smiled be back!  Another 100%-er and it wasn’t even 8.30am yet!

I bought a new car recently – sold my beaut convertible – and bought another beaut car also with pearlised sparkles (life is ssooo boring without sparkles).  The men who made getting my new car so rewarding with the extra touches were definitely 100%-ers.  I am a super fussy car buyer and my pal, Jack, was first class in showing his genuine appreciation and knowledge of the (soon to be mine) car.

Luke and Jack offered competitive pricing which “sealed the deal”.

David stepped in and finalised the paperwork so my car was ready to pick up in my lunch hour and then made sure I knew how the lights, windscreen wipers, auto-functions and, importantly, security aspects all worked.

Daniel – Service Manager – took notice of my concerned question about my personal number plates and the pink tiger lilies being damaged.  Imagine my happy face when I collected the car and he had made sure they put protective plastic covers over them.  Thanks to Daniel’s attention and looking after this small but – to me – significant detail.

A big YAY to those wonderful 100%-ers placing a value on what they do and who add a big PLUS into the lives of people they meet.

Graham, my husband, is a 100 percenter plus which is one of the many things I admire about him.  He thinks things through working out a plan, makes up his mind, sets the goal and gets to it.  He doesn’t like delays and it’s a 100% forward motion.  Awesome!

It’s not easy I know being a 100%-er especially when there are people out there who have a different view and choose to live in the minus 100% zone all the time.  I totally understand they have their reasons but for me it’s completely 100% all in and the balance has to be there so I don’t pick up the gap for others around me who tread water instead of pulling their own weight and which translates into a totally negative effect on their self-esteem.  It is also a big negative for me to try to carry above my own weight limit.

A girl came up to me while I was sitting on a clean bench seat eating my lunch.  She asked for a couple of dollars, said she was homeless and, who am I to judge but she had on the latest fashion jeans and was well-dressed.  I prefer to buy food for people to eat rather than give money and on this occasion I was short on time to go and get something for her to eat.  I think it was a try-on really and it’s not always possible to give 100% in every situation.  I guess it’s about meaning and balance in where we put our efforts and, when we direct ourselves in a forward motion towards goals and dreams and commit completely 100%, it’s great for our mind, body and spirit and gives us a sense of personal worth and integrity – a feeling of personal power in the space we live everyday and share with our co-travellers.

I’m out there doing the best I can to make a difference, be a plus person and part of this is making sure I take the time to look out for people who are 100%-ers and for me to dare to recognise their very personal statement of integrity and self-worth and cheer them on for their efforts wherever and whenever that may be.

Surfers Paradise early morning ... cheering people on wherever that may be
Surfers Paradise early morning … cheering people on wherever that may be
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